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IFCO/Pastors for Peace, 2009-11-14
Global Research, November 15, 2009

President Obama : Don’t Support the Illegal Coup Regime in Honduras Don’t Recognize the November 29th Elections [16/11/09]

lundi 16 novembre 2009, par Redacción

On October 28 the State Department sent its Asst. Secretary for the Western Hemisphere, Tom Shannon to Honduras with the purpose of “urging opposing political sides in Honduras to be more flexible”. As result of this pressure by our government, a questionable accord was agreed to between the Coup forces and President Zelaya. Both President Zelaya and the people of Honduras had hoped that this agreement would result in his reinstatement within a short period of time. Yet this agreement was pending on a vote of approval by the Honduran Congress and on a judicial ruling by the Supreme Court. Neither nor Congress or Supreme Court acted and while President Zelaya waited Michelleti was already calling for a new government of so called “Unity and Reconciliation”. This new government without the inclusion of President Zelaya would only serve to legitimize the coup. The National Resistance Front and President Zelaya have therefore called this sham of an agreement “dead”. President Zelaya said : “There is no point in deceiving Hondurans”.

The illegitimate coup government led by Michelleti still plans to go ahead with the November 29th elections. But the Honduran people who have been in resistance for 135 days are very clear that elections under the coup and without Zelaya’s reinstament would be an act of fraud against the people of Honduras.

According to a 10/24/09 human rights report from COFADEH (Honduran Committee of the Families of the Disappeared) the illegal coup regime has committed more than 4.000 human rights violations including illegal detentions and political murders. In this climate of aggressive repression in which the military continue to attack nonviolent protesters and close down independent media, how can there be free and fair elections ?

In another blow to democracy in Honduras, the US State Department says that it will recognize these elections whether President Zelaya is reinstated or not. To do so would only continue to legitimize the illegal coup government and all of its egregious actions.

At this critical point in the struggle of the people of Honduras, the National Resistance Front points out that it is more important than ever to keep the pressure on our government to not recognize the illegitimate elections planned for November 29th. The people’s demands for a constitutional assembly and the return of constitutionally elected President Zelaya are yet to be met.

We must keep the pressure on in order to guarantee that the people of Honduras are free to forge their own future in a democratic and inclusive society.

Keep the pressure on !! The struggle continues !!

Call Congress ! Call The White House ! Call the State Department !!

Demand that the November 29th elections are not recognized and bring about an end to the coup !

Congressional switchboard : 202/225-3121

President Barack Obama 202/456-1111.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton : 202/647-9572

- Source : Global Research.