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Cuba y sus 50 Años de Revolución en Estocolmo

samedi 8 mai 2010, par Redacción

Celebración de los cincuenta años de revolución socialista cubana en Estocolmo : Cuba currently holds the post 48 in quality of life Human Development Index among all countries of the world in spite of the blockade which the United States before (the longest history and strict). Despite this blockade, the indicators of life expectancy, infant mortality, schooling, doctors / capita, access to health, access to energy, access to safe water, access to shelter, good nutrition, etc. are the best throughout Latin America. Cuba, despite the blockade, a life expectancy equal to that of USA and an infant mortality lower than that of the economic empire, demonstrating that the majority of the distribution of wealth is better than its accumulation. Cargado : 04/02/2009.

Índice de Desarrollo Humano Mundial 2008-2009. Tablas ONU.Hdi 2008 Tables. Nivel Vida Mundial.Human Develop...